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Can You Use Drag & Drop Website Builders To Make Your Own Website?

Sure, a drag and drop website builder might seem like a great option for you starting out because it is cheap and relatively easy to use. However, there are many limitations with these kind of website builders and investing into your website from the start will always pay off.


Why Some Businesses Are Still Reluctant To Get Websites And Why They Shouldn’t Be

Although having a website appears to be a fundamental and obvious asset for most of the businesses, other ones still laugh at the necessity of getting a proper one.


Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Development Agency

Choosing to DIY your own site might seem like the cheap, easy option– but it’s actually anything but. If you want to stand out online, give your business a distinctive voice, and lock in the future benefits, outsourcing to an WordPress development agency is always going to be the best decision.


WordPress Mobile Development Is A Must for 2018

Nowadays, it’s not just highly recommended that all businesses and WordPress website owners optimise their pages for mobile devices it’s a must. If you haven’t already taken the plunge and focused on your WordPress mobile development, then the chances are you’re unaware of how important they will be for business.


WordPress Development Cost: What Are You Actually Going To Pay?

Having a functional and clean website should be a priority for every business in today’s world. However, we do understand the fear behind investing in a big website build while stock and staff need to be paid for first. Developing your online presence though is easy once you spend smart, not big. Even for small businesses, WordPress development cost is

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WordPress Development Themes – Digital Quick Tips

Digital Quick Tips is here to help you develop a winning digital strategy! Find out quick and easy tricks and tips most developers and marketing agencies don’t want you to know. This week in Digital Quick Tips we want to discuss WordPress development themes. We think themes are awesome – particularly for novice developers. Even with basic knowledge or experience,

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WordPress Development Checklist – Build Your Own Website: Part 1

WordPress has simplified web development so even novice users can now put together a quick blog or full site to promote their business. However without any guidance, there’s always a risk of missing out on something important. Use our WordPress development checklist, and you can guarantee your website works properly. UX, page speed and overall functionality are all manageable, but

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WooCommerce Benefits For Small Businesses

We’ve recommended plugins before but never discussed one for eCommerce specifically. And for any aspiring business to succeed online, making the right choice in this regard is paramount in your strategy. Originally offered by CMS Critic, check out these WooCommerce benefits to understand how it can help create a winning website. WooCommerce Benefits It’s Free! The budgets allocated to websites

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How To Generate Leads From Your Website

Up to our eyes this week, so we’re sharing a video by Neil Patel for this week’s Digital Hack Thursday.   What’s the point in buckets of traffic if you can’t create leads? Neil Patel will show how generate leads from your website by using a few handy tools available for free online.


3 Ways to Test Your Website Performance

Page loading speed is often overlooked as a factor to managing your users experience with your website. There’s nothing more annoying than a website that loads like it is on a dial up connection from 1998. This week in Digital Hack Thursday we look at some great ways to monitor your website performance. Bounce rates, SEO and user experience will

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