WordPress Mobile Development Is A Must for 2018

WordPress mobile-ready websites have been on the rise in the last few years. Nowadays, it’s highly recommended that all businesses and wordpress website owners optimise their pages for mobile devices. If you haven’t already taken the plunge and focused on your WordPress mobile development, then the chances are you’re unaware of how important they will be for business.

To put it simply; they’re a must for 2018, and you’ll find plenty of reasons & evidence that proves why they’re essential.

Traffic Trends Put Mobile On Top

October 2016 will go down in history as a revolutionary month in the marketing world. This was the month where it became official that more people browsed the web on mobile devices than desktop ones. This trend has continued ever since, with over half of internet users now using their mobile device to get online. If you don’t cater your WordPress website to mobile users, then you’re potentially neglecting half of your visiting web traffic.

Google Penalises Sites That Aren’t Mobile-Ready

The biggest question we get from business owners regarding the fact they haven’t got a mobile-ready site is; so what? Surely it doesn’t matter about the growing mobile traffic trends as users will still find my site on their mobile device anyway, right? On the contrary, Google updated its mobile search algorithm back in 2015 to penalise sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, and prioritise those that are. They want mobile users to find websites that provide the best user experience, meaning mobile web development is essential. There’s a reason that, here at Green T, we put mobile first. We know that clients will suffer a lack of traffic and a decrease in sales without a mobile-ready site as they’re simply not appearing in mobile search results.

Check out the video below created by the Google Small Business team that will help you create a great looking mobile website.

Secure More Leads & Boost Sales

With more than half of all internet users browsing via mobile devices, surely that means they’re your priority now? There’s so much potential to secure or miss out on leads generated by mobile users. You’ll already lose out on traffic because of the Google search penalty a non-mobile-friendly site receives. But, let’s say users do find your website somehow, what happens next? Reports from Google themselves show that over 50% of users will leave a web page if the loading time is more than three seconds on a mobile device. When your pages aren’t optimised properly, it means they take way longer than three seconds to load. As such, you end up with a very high bounce rate and struggle to convert any mobile leads. By making the simple switch to a mobile-friendly site, you will lower this bounce rate, secure more leads, and potentially increase your sales too.

The bottom line is that mobile users are dominating the web, and this will continue to grow in 2018. Your business faces negative consequences without a mobile-ready site, and it can gain so much from one. We can help you avoid poor traffic results, high bounce rates, and low online sales by setting your company up with a responsive mobile site. Feel free to check out our WordPress Development services page to see more about what we do for you and bring your website to the mobile friendly world. 

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