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There’s no one way to build a digital strategy

There are a lot of pieces that go into developing a complete digital strategy. What works for one company might not work for another. Your digital strategy should be specifically tailored to gently guide your visitors from their first click through to their final purchase. That could mean redesigning your website, building up your blog, creating a following, sending out an email newsletter or managing your PPC campaign. Or perhaps a combination of everything. We won’t know until we get to know you, your company, and your goals.

Custom Blended Solutions

Web Development

A highly functional, responsive website with WordPress integration, and superior user interface design from Green T will help you convert casual readers into paying customers.

Digital Marketing

Data-driven PPC and SEO in combination with email and inbound marketing from Green T will drive highly-targeted traffic to your website, and maximize your return on investment.

Advanced Training

Become the master of your own online marketing, and learn how run you own campaigns to maximise your company’s visibility and profits through hands-on training from Green T.

    A Digital Strategy That Works.

    One of the most common mistakes companies make is to rush headfirst into digital marketing without a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing strategy. The most important element in your digital strategy is to set clear objectives and goals right from the beginning. Green T will help you develop a road map to achieve your goals, measure the results, and make a significant return on your investment.

    Clearly define your marketing goals
    Develop a comprehensive strategy
    Define your market
    Create a roadmap to success
    Implement your marketing tactics
    Analyze and measure the results
    Make adjustments
    Maximise your return on investment
    Digital Strategy Dublin

    Harness the Power of Google.

    SEO in Dublin

    Getting to the front page of Google is an art as well as a science. Identifying the right keywords, producing viral content, reaching out to other websites to link to your page, and making sure your content is shared far and wide are all ways to raise your rank within Google’s pages. However, this requires a considerable investment in time and effort, and, without a solid SEO strategy, it could all be for naught. Green T will help your site go straight to the top, and stay there.

    Total audit of your current SEO ranking
    On page SEO audit and adjustment
    Intensive keyword research
    Optimize your page load speed
    Scale your campaigns
    Reach the front page of Google

    Become a WordPress Warrior.

    WordPress is the foremost platform for publishing and managing your website. Green T will design a responsive, modern website for your business, and show you how to take control of all its features and plugins. Even with no technical knowledge, you can easily manage all your own content, publish your blog, and start attracting customers online.

    Clean, easy to use interface design
    Responsive design for desktop or mobile
    Manage your own content
    Publish your own blog
    We train you!
    Wordpress Development in Dublin

    Advertising that pays for Itself.

    Pay Per Click In Dublin

    The first place people turn when looking for products and services online is Google. Running ads can do wonders for your web traffic, however, this traffic comes at a price. Through a carefully managed Google campaign, Green T will help you target your ideal customers, reduce your cost per click, and maximize your return on investment.

    Keyword optimization
    Ad analysis, and refinement
    Competitor research
    Display ads
    Re-marketing ads
    Video ads
    Partner ads
    Maximum your return on investment

    Local Search Magic.

    Whether you own a restaurant, a shop, or almost any kind of service, your business relies on getting people in the door. Google Maps, Yelp, and other online directories are the first places people look when searching for local businesses. Green T will make sure your data is accessible, accurate, and complete across all platforms, and help point new customers in your direction.

    Get the top listing in your area
    Retain your position over time
    Ensure accurate, uniform data on all sites
    Competitor benchmarking
    Hands-on management
    Local SEO Dublin

    Automate Your Marketing Machine.

    Automation in Dublin

    Inbound marketing is all about building yourself up as an authority in your niche through interesting, informative blog posts, free resources, and regular email newsletters. This free content draws new readers to your site, and earns their trust. By the time you eventually offer them a chance to purchase something from your site, they’re more than happy to buy what you’re selling. The best news is, most of this process can be automated. Green T will show you how to build a marketing machine that’ll earn you money while you sleep.

    Persona development
    Build a following
    Establish yourself as an authority
    Let your leads come to you!
    Nurture leads through email
    Reach out to website partners
    Guest posting on authority sites
    Automate your marketing machine

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