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WordPress Mobile Development Is A Must for 2018

Nowadays, it’s not just highly recommended that all businesses and WordPress website owners optimise their pages for mobile devices it’s a must. If you haven’t already taken the plunge and focused on your WordPress mobile development, then the chances are you’re unaware of how important they will be for business.


Mobile Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

Mobile is quickly taking over the digital world. We’re spending less time sitting at our desktops and instead scrolling on phones or tablets. Because of this, every business owner needs to consider the strength of their mobile outreach. Honestly, you’re years behind competition if not consciously how to maximise your mobile marketing strategy. However, there’s not one sole solution to

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Testing Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions

Testing your website at different screen resolutions is a must in order to give your users the best possible experience. It will ensure your users will receive a consistent message across all devices to your users. For this Thursday we’re showing this FREE tool called ScreenFly that was created by a company called Quirk Tools. The video above shows how to

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