Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Development Agency

When you’re trying to construct a website, you’re faced with two options:

1) Build it yourself, using what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editors and a few online guides to creating a WordPress website from scratch.


2) Use a WordPress development agency to do the work for you.

More people than ever are choosing the first option. On some levels, it’s easy to see why this is attractive. Dedicating time to making your own site is the lowest-cost option, and cost seems to be a defining factor for the majority of business decisions. Many WYSIWYG editors allow you to put together a decent-looking site, so what’s the harm in the DIY method?

Well, the harm can be quite substantial, and cost should never be the sole governor of your decision making process. Let’s look through what a website should be, and the differences between the DIY method and hiring a WordPress development agency.


If you decide to DIY your site, then you’re going to have to choose from a number of template designs. Sure, you can upload your own logo and maybe switch the colour scheme a little, but you have relatively little control over the code that produces the finished design. This means that your site will look similar to thousands of other sites put together using WYSIWYG editors– which isn’t exactly a way you want your business to be showcasing itself. Who wants a business that is represented online by something that looks like everything else on the web?

If you choose a WordPress development agency, then you have full control. The agency will put together a site that is genuinely unique to your unique company; a site that can reflect your business’ personality and ethos from its very core. As a result, your site is distinctive, helping to set you apart from the thousands of other sites on the web.


It goes without saying that thorough SEO optimisation is essential for a website; without it, your site will float in the ether of the internet, never noticed by your target visitors. When you DIY your site, you’ll likely think a few SEO-based WordPress plugins are sufficient optimisation– but you’ll be wrong.

SEO needs to be based throughout the core of your site– a fact that a WordPress development agency will understand. Plugins are useful, sure, but they’re not sufficient as an overall SEO strategy. You need the inner expertise of using experienced professionals to truly ensure that your site will stand out online.

Future Development

Finally, when you DIY your site, you will quickly learn how time-consuming web design can be. This means that you’re more likely to build your site and then ignore it; you know it’s going to demand too much of your time and resources if you continue to develop it, so you let maintenance and improvements fall by the wayside.

If you use a WordPress development agency like us at Green T Digital, you’ll be provided with all the training you need to keep your site up-to-date in the least time-demanding way. Using an agency is an investment not only in creating your site, but also your future productivity and how beneficial that site can be to your business.

In conclusion

Ultimately, choosing to DIY your own site might seem like the cheap, easy option– but it’s actually anything but. If you want to stand out online, give your business a distinctive voice, and lock in the future benefits and development of your site, outsourcing to an agency is always going to be the best decision.

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