Can You Use Drag & Drop Website Builders To Make Your Own Website?

Can you? Kind of. But should you? Definitely not. For those of you who want some more detailed answers… keep reading. It’s important to realize that there is a massive difference between a website that looks good and a website that actually performs well and is being leveraged as a business tool that brings real results. We completely understand that you want to save money just like all businesses do, especially when it comes to a new website because they can be expensive. Even if you consider yourself to be tech savvy, I can’t stress enough that building a website is not all about technical experience; there’s a lot more to it than that. Sure, a drag and drop website builder might seem like a great option for you starting out because it is cheap and relatively easy to use. However, there are many limitations with these kind of website builders and investing into your website from the start will always pay off.


Why NOT to build your website yourself

Design Limitations

One of the most important aspects of any website is the design. Immediately you think that design means “how the website looks”, but it’s actually a whole lot more significant than that. Design has a massive impact on your online business because it’s not only about how your website looks but also about the message and impression it sends to visitors. It’s about the visitor’s user experience and how it makes them feel and act. If you feel the slightest doubt in yourself when it comes to the design of your website then my advice would be to seek professional help and get it done right.


Not Having The Right Tools

First you need the basics, and then some more advanced tools too. Drag and drop website builders may seem like a great idea until you realize that they don’t have these advanced tools at your disposal. You will need access to tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, FTP, premium plugins, technical analysis tools, competitor analysis software, email marketing software, app integration and much more. The majority of these tools cost money and require lots of training to be able to use effectively. Without these tools, your website will certainly suffer in terms of design as well as not being able to integrate with other applications that could be used to generate more leads and conversions. Your website is the core of your online business but it is not the only piece of the puzzle. The other pieces compliment your website and make your online business work better.


Lack Of Knowledge

One massive drawback when it comes to a DIY website is not having the necessary knowledge to set up your website and more importantly to maintain it once it is live. Let’s face it, even if you get your website up and running you will eventually need help when you want to bring it to the next level. SEO (search engine optimisation) is an extremely important part of your website, one that has a huge impact on the amount of visitors your website will receive. To make things even more difficult, SEO is an ever changing landscape much like other areas of digital marketing. It’s important that you stay on top of your game when it comes to SEO and familiarize yourself with things like 301 redirects, back-links, 404 error pages, DA and PA (SERPs) and more which all have an impact on SEO. If you are not comfortable with any of these things then it is best to have a digital agency build and maintain your website otherwise you are simply wasting your time and money.


It Doesn’t Make Sense

This point will not apply to everyone, but it will apply to any business who is trying to use their website as a way of generating more conversions. The points mentioned above are enough of a reason to hire a digital agency to build your website and not waste your time and money trying to build one yourself. It will also take you much longer than it needs to and your time spent building the website could be spent growing your business more effectively. Also, if you are a business, the chances are your competitors hire a digital agency and have their website managed professionally. This means that you will be falling behind both in terms of design and functionality. Your competitors websites will look better and perform better if they are built and managed by a digital agency, so what is the point of you even making your own one in the first place?


Save Time & Money – Hire A Digital Agency

If you are creating a blog or just messing around with website building then sure; go ahead and start using drag and drop website builders and see what you can come up with. However, if you are building a website which you hope to use as a business tool then I would recommend that you hire a digital agency. There are many benefits of hiring a digital agency which include: marketing expertise from an entire team, allows you to focus on your business priorities, gives you multiple unbiased perspectives, it is cost effective, you can always reach out to them for help, access to the latest digital trends, advanced reporting, optimisation etc. Don’t waste your time, get things done properly from the start; trust me, it will pay off in the long run. If you are looking for more information please reach out to us, we would be happy to help!


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