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Get up to speed on Digital Marketing with our 2018 spreadsheets recap.

Through the development of our SEM expertise here at Green T digital, we thought necessary to share a few of our tools to help you improve your own strategies.


Google Ads: Most common targeting issues

Google Ads can be set up quite easily: create an account, add your banking details, build your first campaign and then go. Straightforward isn’t it?


​Google Ads and Cost of acquisition: What to expect?

Google Ads is not costless for business. Forecasting what can be the cost of acquisition you can achieve with Google Ads will be crucial. Learn how to do it easily with the tool we share with you today.


Weekly heat map, a necessary snapshot of your weekly performance

Create a powerful heat map with Google Spreadsheet. Break down your results by devices and channels and extract the most valuable information for your business. Easy to create and easy to use.


Elevate your monthly channel performance review with different attribution models.

Creating a channel report can be a great asset in your reporting tools, allowing you analyzing your different channel performance in a blink of an eye. However, from our experience, this approach can be insufficient to grasp all the strategic challenges behind your results.


Track your monthly channel results with Google Spreadsheet

Create a simple dashboard with Google Spreadsheet and analyze your channel performance with ease.


Automate your Google AdWords Monthly Budget management with Google Spreadsheet

Managing online campaigns can be a tedious task. Save time and energy by leveraging the different integration tools available on Google SpreadSheet.


Your Guide To Managing Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business – the free search tool for listing both new and established businesses. If you’re not already using GMB to grow your visibility online, you’re almost certainly missing out.


Improve SEO With Google Analytics

In your digital efforts information is power. Tackling a challenge like improving SEO is all about understanding the quantitative data of your website performance. There’s no point investing considerable time and energy into your website without long term success. If you don’t have the means to get it high in search engine rankings to maximise traffic, your efforts just won’t

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Using the Google Keyword Planner Tool for SEO

Struggling to find the right keywords for your SEO strategy? This weeks Digital Hack Thursday shows us how the Google Keyword Planner tool can be a fantastic way to find relevant keywords people actually search for. Find out now how this fantastic tool from Google can give you keywords that actually perform, increase traffic and get you closer to that

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