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Get up to speed on Digital Marketing with our 2018 spreadsheets recap.

Through the development of our SEM expertise here at Green T digital, we thought necessary to share a few of our tools to help you improve your own strategies.


Google Ads: Most common targeting issues

Google Ads can be set up quite easily: create an account, add your banking details, build your first campaign and then go. Straightforward isn’t it?


​Google Ads and Cost of acquisition: What to expect?

Google Ads is not costless for business. Forecasting what can be the cost of acquisition you can achieve with Google Ads will be crucial. Learn how to do it easily with the tool we share with you today.


Weekly heat map, a necessary snapshot of your weekly performance

Create a powerful heat map with Google Spreadsheet. Break down your results by devices and channels and extract the most valuable information for your business. Easy to create and easy to use.


Elevate your monthly channel performance review with different attribution models.

Creating a channel report can be a great asset in your reporting tools, allowing you analyzing your different channel performance in a blink of an eye. However, from our experience, this approach can be insufficient to grasp all the strategic challenges behind your results.


Track your monthly channel results with Google Spreadsheet

Create a simple dashboard with Google Spreadsheet and analyze your channel performance with ease.


What is a Marketing Automation Drip Campaign?

When it comes to setting up campaigns, automation is usually the winner because it allows you to continuously promote your services and products while being able to use your time on other ventures or parts of your business. A good example of this is the famous drip campaign, an idea that fully utilizes automation at its best. But what exactly

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Automate your Google AdWords Monthly Budget management with Google Spreadsheet

Managing online campaigns can be a tedious task. Save time and energy by leveraging the different integration tools available on Google SpreadSheet.


Marketing Automation Campaign Examples: 10 Ways to Maximise ROI

As you come into the New Year, you might consider redistributing your marketing budget to increase ROI. Every single day, businesses of all sizes are waving goodbye to traditional outreach methods to be replaced by automation. If you don’t know what that means, maybe start here – otherwise, check out some marketing automation campaign examples. You can build specific campaigns

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Marketing Automation Facts: Increasing Sales for SMB’s

We’ve already discussed how important we believe marketing automation is to small business in today’s world. However, a lot of the information we’ve offered has been largely subjective. Our rhetoric stands to prove how powerful a tool it is because we’ve personally prospered from it. If you’re still sceptical, allow us take a slightly different approach. Checkout these marketing automation facts,

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