We’ve discussed different plugins we think you’ll find useful before. On a day-to-day basis though, we find few to be as handy as Yoast SEO for our content management. If you’re struggling to improve rankings with your pages and posts, let us show you how this plugin can work for you.

SEO is a tricky process, but getting the basics right is imperative.  This plugin guides you through easy sequences to structure your content so it reads well and is search engine friendly. Yoast SEO monitors the overall quality of your content in how you write and manages what focus keywords you’re aiming to hit.

Readability grabs attention

Producing content is all about quality over quantity. Yes you have to be active and produce regularly; but you need make sure what you actually publish is easy to read. This plugin uses functions such as Flesch reading ease score to ensure your text isn’t too difficult.

This is particularly useful in tech areas where the information delivered can be convoluted or tricky to understand at first. It breaks down, sentence by sentence, what and where you can improve the language you use to benefit reader experience.

When your readability is maximised, you increase both the audience you appeal to and the potential to captivate readers. Remember that you might take your technical knowledge for granted, and that your potential customers don’t have such aptitudes. Create content with Yoast SEO and you can make sure you’re on the right track.

Rank high with proper SEO

Search engine rankings require constant management and regular tactical moves. However, aligning titles, subheadings, permalinks and meta descriptions is the first but most important step towards getting the ranking you desire.

Consistency in this content and approach is paramount to getting to page 1 (or as close to). Yoast SEO identifies any improvements you can make to your efforts. With Forbes reporting that SEO as an industry is due to be worth an $80 billion annually, doing what you can for free needs to happen.

Yoast SEO improves your ranking

What do you find works to improve your ranking? Search engines can be tricky so we’re always eager to test different strategies.

Let us know of your experiences and we’ll see can we give you some insights to help out. From using this plugin we’ve managed to implement a solid SEO strategy and ensure the content reads well. Start doing the same now and you’re content marketing results will improve.

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