WordPress Themes: What You Need to Know

One of the reasons we love WordPress is the availability of fantastic themes to help build your site. Without much technical knowledge or training, you can incorporate a professional look through a really simple process. The layout and structure of your site can be altered and tailored if you wish, but you’re guaranteed a sleek and modern design by choosing the right WordPress theme.

WP Beginner offer some great insights into how you can make sure you’re using the best themes around. For instance, when deciding your preferred layout, consider and prioritise the following:


The more convoluted the layout, the more confusing navigation becomes. If it’s difficult to access the info customers want, they’ll just leave. Also, the more content to load increases page speed. This can greatly affect your ranking and bounce rates. Keep it simple and you’re laughing.


Responsive themes are ones that change structure and composition depending on what device they’re accessed upon. Most WordPress themes nowadays have this function but some don’t. Smart Insights maintains that as of 2015, over 51% of digital media consumption is done so purely through mobile devices. If you have a website that only functions properly via desktop, you really should reevaluate your design.


Believe it or not, but some themes are only functional on specific platforms. Again, using WordPress this generally won’t affect you but understand that customers will access you from through many different mediums. Test browsers and different devices to ensure your website does what you need, no matter where it’s being accessed from.

Support Available

WordPress themes are made by many different developers. This is great due to the level of access you have to different options, but bears some inconsistency across them. Make sure the theme you use has a support structure in place so should something go wrong, you can resolve your issues quickly.


It’s really a case by case basis, but some website layouts are simply more SEO friendly than others. Using a theme created by a WordPress premium developer will give you the best chance of ensuring your theme is optimisation friendly.


Seems nearly too obvious to mention but research extensively the reviews of themes and developers to ensure their designs work. If another website developer goes out of their way to poorly review a design, it’s probably for good reason.

 WordPress Themes Help Build your perfect website

These tips on themes will set you on your way to building the a fantastic site. If you’d like more information on website development, check out our blog series – including this gem discussing some great plugins to use.

Creating an online presence requires continuous effort. Get in touch for anything you’re struggling with – we’ll be happy to help.

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