Digital Hack Thursday: Using Zapier to Automate Your Business

This is our very first installment of our Digital Hack Thursdays series. Every Thursday we’ll be uploading a video that will show you EXACTLY how you can better your business through a simple to implement digital hack. These are things we use everyday!

For our first installment we’re chatting about a popular app called Zapier. What Zapier does is it allows you to connect a number of popular apps through their easy to use interface which allows anyone to build automated workflows with a few simple clicks. You can literally connect over 750 different apps. One popular use for Zapier and one we come across on a daily basis is connecting your website to your CRM. In under 10 minutes you can connect any web form to your CRM and create the record automatically. Gone are the days of manually adding records to your CRM after they fill out a form on your website.

Other popular uses of Zapier include:

  • Triggering email workflows based on a contacts behaviours
  • Connecting apps to excel sheets
  • Dynamically tracking lead sources across all apps
  • Automatically creating custom audiences for paid advertisement.

If you want to start saving buckets of time then using Zapier to automate your business is a must.

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