Using to build a great, SEO-friendly website

There are many platforms for setting up your own website to present your business online. WordPress has all the right tools to get started. But how do you use this powerful platform to its best advantage in a highly competitive online space? Our helpful tips aim to get you started off on the right foot.


Set it up right


The great thing about the WordPress platform is all the possibilities available to custom-build your ideal site. You can do as much or as little as you want when it comes to setting up and designing your website, spending as long as months or as little as minutes on getting just the right result. While it is easy to get carried away with all the available plugins that add different functions and customising options to your website, remember that a simple website is a fast website. All you need is to secure your website, make sure it is spam-free, and add privacy protection. All else is optional, so remember to think simple and beware of bulk. This goes for the theme you choose, too, which is our next point.


Keep it clean and simple


Unlike other platforms, WordPress appears to offer an almost unlimited choice of themes to style your website, available at your fingertips. It can be both fun and daunting to select the right theme, that is both functional and well designed. While no doubt you want something that expresses the personality of your brand, remember it always pays to opt for a sleek and modern layout, that keeps key features at the forefront. After all, you want your site to appear professional, up-to-date, and easy to navigate, no matter what device your users are viewing it on. There are many articles written on the topic of good website design and good user experience, but as a rule of thumb, get rid of anything unnecessary.


Customise your theme


WordPress is great for SEO, as the themes are so customisable. What’s more, the platform keep refreshing itself to stay up-to-date with new developments in search engines. So while clean is best, it’s still important to show a little personality and customise your site. It’s worth making sure that your content is engaging, and speaks to your key audience. Keep all text in a bite-size, readable format. Also good for search engine optimisation, as well as user experience, is to add media such as video tutorials, fun introductions to your service, and high quality images to your homepage. Your website is your first meeting with a client, so make sure it is both presentable and approachable.


In-built features


It’s worth mentioning again that WordPress has a wide set of features readily available for use after initial setup. Using templates, customization features, and choosing from the very expansive list of plugins, you really can tailor your website to your individual business needs. And to make matters easier, there is a very large support community of experts on free discussion forums, supporting this popular platform.

This is only a short introduction to the many benefits of the powerful platform we use here at Green T Digital to build bespoke websites. Hopefully, this has clarified a few of them, and you are welcome to contact us at for more about how we leverage WordPress to build a custom and SEO-optimised website for the businesses we work with.

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