6 Tips to Writing Killer Blog Headlines That Drive Traffic

Headlines and titles are the single most important aspect of your blog content. Why? Because it’s these titles that convince the reader to click through and find out more. You can write the best article ever, but if you don’t create a catchy title, it won’t get read. Some big-name marketers tell us that headlines are worth 90% of your advertising dollar. In other words, headlines are 90% responsible for the success of your content. Convinced yet? You should be.

Just think about how many headlines and titles you see in your newsfeed and social media timelines. It takes something special and enticing to stand out. You’ve got to grab your reader’s attention. Make them take notice, and make them click on it. After all, more clicks equals more traffic and more sales. Today, we’ll show you how to create enticing, clickable headlines that work every time.

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1. Numbers always work

Using numbered list titles (like this blog post) are always very effective. There are lots of reasons for this. First of all, the readers knows they’re getting a quick, concise list of information. Most of the time online, we’re looking for quick bursts of information. The list format guarantees that. Secondly, numbers stand out visually against words. So, if your headline is “7 Tips On Writing Killer Headlines”, the number ‘7’ jumps out from the copy. It catches attention.

2. Promise value

When it comes to headlines, we’ve found that it pays to be simple and direct. Tell readers exactly what they’ll find inside, and promise them some real, tangible value. Again, we’re usually looking for blogs to teach us something. So use your title to explain what they’ll learn from reading it. An example would be something like: “10 tools to improve your graphic design skills”. That title promises to make you a better graphic designer. If you’re in that industry, you’re highly likely to click on that title.

3. Be intriguing

In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge rise of ‘UpWorthy’ style headlines and titles. They hint at what you’ll find inside, but without giving away all the information. It lures you into clicking the link to find out more information. An example of this type of headline is: “You won’t believe the latest statistics about government spending”. These are very attractive titles that get lots of click-throughs. However, you must be careful with these titles. Make sure your content satisfies the intriguing title or you’ll leave readers disappointed.

4. Use superlatives

Headlines and titles are the only time we’ll ever tell you to use superlatives! In general, they are best avoided. They make for clunky copy and poor writing. However, they are excellent at demanding attention, and making your reader take notice. For example, an article such as “4 Reasons the New iPhone Is The Best Smartphone You’ll Ever Use” are great. The superlative here claims it’s the best phone you’ll ever use. Your readers will want to find out why. Again, just make sure your title justifies the content.

5. Get personal and connect emotionally

Readers always respond to content when you talk to them directly. Address their dreams, ambitions and fears. Start by asking a question or directing your title directly to the reader. For example, you could use a headline like “Do you want to be a millionaire by 30? Read this”. Other examples take things a step further and play on people’s fears. An example would include “6 Reasons You Haven’t Got That Promotion Yet”. Talk directly to your readers and they’ll respond. It triggers a response from them, and lures them to click.

6. Write ten headlines

The experts at writing great headlines are undoubtedly UpWorthy and Buzzfeed. These online media giants have perfected the most magnetic titles. However, this didn’t happen by accident. The teams behind these companies spend an enormous amount of time writing their titles. In fact, they spend up to an hour writing ten or fifteen headlines. The more you come up with, the more exciting and intriguing you end up getting. Try it yourself with your next piece of content. Put as much time into the title as you do the content, and you’ll see huge results. You can even find headline rating tools if you do a quick Google search. These tools will tell you how viral and exciting your headline is. Keep tweaking until it’s perfect!

Try these tricks for yourself, and watch your click-through rate soar. Keep experimenting until you get it just right and remember that the headline only gets them in the door, make sure your content is something that people actually want to read.


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