Maximising Your lead Generation Efforts

The necessity of utilising cutting edge technology has cemented itself in the modern workplace. Even small businesses must consider every potential system and software that may reduce costs and improve performance. In a continuous strive towards maximising your lead generation efforts, automation is king.

We’ve touched on these challenges before in some of our other blogs, but our focus in this piece is solely on lead generation. If you want to increase the scope of potential customers you’re in contact with, this tool will fit you perfectly.

Automated marketing systems (AMS) in this respect offers the most consistent and tangible benefits for entrepreneurs. Technology is without question taking over in the workplace. It can be difficult to keep up-to-date with all systems and digital strategies in place. Thankfully, AMSs greatly assist us in social media engagement, email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and of course, lead generation.

These systems have facilitated the ability to completely maximise lead generation and conversion rates. Stop slumping over a laptop for hours sending emails. Automation manages all your contacts on a personal basis – even while you sleep!

Far too often do we see businesses do all the hard work but fall at the last gate. They build a great online presence: A beautiful website, steady traffic and solid brand identity. Despite this, sales and leads don’t increase, a very frustrating outcome I’m sure you’ll agree.

This is almost always because of their inability to engage customers at the right time and reel them in. If we’re not generating business from these efforts, are work is in vain. For many organisations, this can be the difference between enjoying success from their digital marketing or not.

Maximising Your lead Generation Efforts

Securing a steady stream of leads is difficult we understand. Particularly when there might be pressure to create a ROI from marketing efforts. This is where automation software is one of the best solutions to this puzzle.

Marketing automation is a framework that when used correctly, can ensure that every potential lead engaging with your business is acknowledged, and managed through whatever system you wish to operate.

Whether a new customer, a client you’ve dealt with for years or a cagey contact with cold feet, AMS maximises their potential as a lead relative to their interaction. Even a contact who seems to have lost interest can be nurtured and managed so when they do need to make a purchase, you’re a familiar face.

Here is some ways in which automation can help you maximise leads, drive revenue and reduce marketing costs/efforts.

Aligning Sales to Marketing Strategy

It’s a strange phenomenon, but a huge amount of businesses possess marketing and sales departments that operate with uncollaborative measures and contrasting priorities. Whereas sales teams want to focus on driving revenue, marketing is concerned with maximising exposure.

Both end-products maintain a symbiotic relationship – To grow the business obviously! However the different focuses and approaches can confuse the overall goals. AMS ensures that a holistic approach is taken that incorporates all desired goals.

More often than not, these parties use one another as scapegoats rather than working towards a feasible solution for converting leads into customers. This type of disjointed marketing-sales partnership can get in the way of your organisation’s growth.

A fundamental characteristic of automation is to improve customer relationship management overall. This software centralises all of the data that sales teams need about incoming prospects whilst acknowledging customer behavioural data from email campaigns, website activity, and social media interactions.

Automation aligns both departments to ensure all customers are engaged with properly and done so in the appropriate manner, respective to they act.

Given that there is regular dispute between marketing and sales departments revolving around lead quality, this new approach a refreshing change for both parties to form a productive partnership.

Direct Marketing Campaigns That Work

One of the most common ways we see lead nurturing is through email campaigns. Whereas generic email blasts were the original way or direct online marketing, automation has the ability to engage with leads in a far more personal and organic way.

Drip campaigns are the primary course of action taken to nurture leads. Most programs will come stocked with powerful segmentation capabilities. This enables marketers to divide their database of leads by channel, position in the sales funnel, industry, or other important distinctions.

Generic emails are not far beyond spam. Instead, why not actually stay in regular contact with leads based on what they like and how they behave relative to your content? Automation can manage this process for you.

Segmentation is an important aspect of managing a good campaign. You want to be sure your email campaigns provide relevant content that guides the buyer’s journey. By supplying consistently useful resources, leads will develop an affinity for your company, and be more likely to trust your organisation far more than a frustrating spammer.

Automation Increases Upsell and Resell

Taking on a new client requires significantly more effort and time than maintaining one. Because automation works so well to engage even current customers regularly, we maximise the potential to generate leads for resell and upselling opportunities.

The platform gives you a structure you can scale in your retention strategy. Keeping your customers in the loop, educating them about new features, showing them new plays with old features, and keeping them abreast of changes in the industry that affect them.

Take the same techniques you use to notice when a lead is warming up and apply them to noticing when a customer is looking at an upsell. There is no framework or structure that can manage this process better than automated marketing.

Take The Leap, Reap The Rewards

Are you a business that struggles in maximising your lead generation efforts? If you’re still not convinced check out Business 2 Community that show some other fantastic uses of AMS.

Automation is no longer a tool exclusive to big industry companies; it might just work wonders for you. At Green t Digital, we want to make sure all our contacts have the best marketing strategy and performance. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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