Basic Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Digital marketing is no longer the future. It’s here now and is only going to continue eradicating our traditional methods of outreach. Unfortunately though, many business owners make simple but detrimental decisions in how they publicise their brand. Avoid these marketing mistakes, and your eCommerce or online strategy will have its best chance of success (Source: Forbes).

Common Marketing Mistakes

1. Not Investing In Your Brand And Online Experience

As customers would traditionally survey a product, there was multiple factors that could organically close or deter the purchase. They could inspect first-hand what they were going to buy or even engage with a salesperson to be persuaded. Online, things work differently.

Whether you’re selling on your own site or another platform, remember that people judge books by their covers, literally. If what you sell and how you sell it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your product is doomed for failure.

Within eCommerce, judgement and decision making is nearly completely based around visual stimuli. You need to invest in your brand and ensure it excites the right customer.

Especially if you’re looking to drive sales through a company or personal site, eCommerce is all about captivate your customers and letting them see what they’re about to buy—before they buy it. Make them believe in you and your products, and customers convince themselves.

2. Not Delivering The Right Messages, At The Right Times

Online, your business success relies upon reaching customers and converting them. Regardless of how amazing your products are, it all comes down to outreach.

You have to speak to customers in the right place and time, with a message that resonates. This is often part of the equation people assume they can do—and decide not to invest in a marketing agency or a copywriter to ensure the quality of their messaging. This can be a catastrophic mistake.

Utilise social platforms, start a PPC campaign, and create content that potential customers will actually want to engage with. Keep everything nice and simple but constantly work to develop a personal and familiar relationship with your clientele. When they understand, empathise and care about your brand, sales naturally follow.

3. Not Measuring What’s Working And What’s Not

The amount of companies we first meet who don’t track any form of analytics is astonishing. There’s free tools to do it, but so many business owners just refuse to monitor what’s successful for them online, and what’s not.

By identifying your best traffic sources, UX and conversion, the information you’ll quickly gain in invaluable. Success in eCommerce is all about focusing on what gains traction and conversion, and phasing out what doesn’t. It’s a continuous and holistic process that never ends.

4. Scaling Into Unknown Territories

The access to customers and outreach you have online is unrivalled. As a result, if you do the basics right you can legitimately have rapid and unexpected growth. Although this is great, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew.

You may have the cash flow or opportunity to move into a different market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Success in one project cannot always be transitioned into another and online, markets are heavily segmented. Too many people see success in one niche and automatically assume it will replicate itself elsewhere.

Know your brand and focus on strengthening it, but don’t scale beyond it’s natural limits. Add more products or services at the appropriate time if wish to do so. However, true success in eCommerce is all about sustained growth.

Think about fidget spinners. What started as a great online marketing campaign with Facebook video is now a forgotten product. An astronomical amount was sold over a few months, but most are already in the bottom of a toy chest. Know your product and its lifespan, and focus your marketing to best suit you.

What Marketing Mistakes Do You Make?

Have you made any marketing blunders online? For a lot of business owners, digital strategy can be trial and error but keep at it. With a small level of investment, you’ll manage to connect with new customers and engage on a personal basis.

If you’re ambitious online and want to succeed, get in touch and we’ll set you on the right path. You have the ability to grow your business and brand right now, so seize the opportunity and win with a tailor made digital strategy.

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