Top 5 Marketing Automation Software Companies

The world of marketing has become so advanced and complicated that there are too many tasks to complete. As a consequence, marketers are looking for solutions to lighten their workload and get tasks done on time. Step forward; marketing automation.

Marketing automation is the simple act of completing marketing tasks automatically. It will help small businesses complete a variety of marketing tasks without having to do anything. As such, you can constantly push forward your marketing strategy. Below, you will find some of the best marketing automation vendors around right now:


Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to generate new leads and build a customer base. Infusionsoft allows you to do this by automating campaigns that are tailored to your specific goals and objectives. You can set up a content marketing strategy to be completely automated, meaning you bring leads directly to you. The standout feature of this software is that it teaches you about marketing rather than just doing everything without you understanding a thing. It’s price point is very affordable, which is great, this makes it very easy for small businesses started with marketing automation. Check out the video below which outlines the Infusionsoft perfect customer life-cycle which every online business should be implementing into their online strategy. 


Marketo is a very smart and effective marketing automation software company that provides lots of features for small business owners. Primarily, it helps you set up email marketing campaigns and manages them for you. But, it can also help measure your ROI and automatically track and analyse your web traffic sources. It’s an advanced and costly software, but you’ll find it perfect if you’re looking to move beyond basic digital marketing for your small business.


HubSpot is arguably the most prominent marketing automation vendor at the moment. The software is very helpful for small business owners as it gives them a little bit of everything. It’s excellent at automating email lists to help generate leads constantly and build your following. What’s more, they offer a free trial, which is always beneficial. The only downside is that after the free trial you’re looking at an expensive monthly cost.


For small businesses that are keen to get a new email marketing campaign up and running, MailChimp is your port of call. The main benefit of this marketing automation tool is that it’s cheap and will easily get a mailing list sorted and generate leads for you. The downside is this is all that it does. So, if you’re a small business owner that only cares about automating emails, this is the option for you.

Inbound marketing is all about your connection with the customer. This is something does extremely well. It’s an automated system that analyses customer patterns on your website and can send out individual messages based on their interactions. This is another ideal tool for small businesses that are just getting started with marketing automation software. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, but lacks some more advanced features that others have.

All five of these marketing automation software companies offer software that can improve your digital marketing campaign. Now, if you’re looking to build a strategy that’s automated and will generate a lot of business, then feel free to contact us today

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