Benefits of Managing Your Customer Relationships with Automation

As small businesses, we would all love to wake up each day and have new customers and leads waiting for us in our inboxes. But the reality we face is quite different. Everyday we face constant challenges trying to generate new leads, nurture prospective leads and maintain great relationships with our customers. 

Successful businesses manage this by implementing automated frameworks for their customer relationships management (CRM). What we’ve found is that using the CRM and automation software available to you is the most efficient and easiest way of managing contacts. Let us show you how these software can help you manage your customer relationships.  

Segmenting contacts – Knowing who is who

From inbound marketing, constant networking, paid advertising and social media engagement,  you’re gathering a massive amount of personal contact information. All this information can get overwhelming especially when trying to identify which ones are potential leads, current customers, or just someone you want to educate on your business.  With an automated process for your CRM this is genuinely an absolute breeze.

Setting up your CRM to channel every individual contact and tag them based on marketing activity  will help you segment your contacts and learn more about their behaviours.  Automatically breaking them down into manageable groups means you’ll have a clear idea of who everybody is, and only interact with them in the appropriate/relevant way.

You can decide how best to sort your clients, there is no one blanket solution or structure. Often we see segmentation from the amount of money they spend, the work they request, their location or even how easy they are to work with. What’s great about these systems and why we feel it’s important for all businesses to utilise is in its adaptable nature for your exact and respective needs.

There are many ways to sort your list, but the main point is to make it logical to you. By doing so, you’re empowered to remember who each person is, while tactfully avoiding information overload. Nothing can assist you more than basic automated strategies – stop doing all the heavy lifting yourself!

Engage Your Customers While you Sleep

Think you can manage your contacts and not sold on the capabilities of a CRM? That’s okay. It’s impossible though to deny the power of automation in your marketing efforts. Human intensive marketing requires huge amounts of time and money spent engaging with customers. The days of slogging away at a desk shooting out emails to maintain customer relationships are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Learning to work smarter and not harder will have a huge impact on your business.  

Even a basic marketing automation plan offers much more than generic email blasts to send updates and manage clients. These systems are personable, dynamic and specific to how our customers interact with us. Create automated emails based on a client’s previous activity, buying habits, and characteristics. This approach will guarantee your contact is much more effective in maintaining a personal relationship over time until they’re ready for upsell or resell.

You can build and develop your own campaigns however you want to engage with leads and relieve yourself of that pressure. While you focus on more pressing matters, automation will work away with one goal in mind – maximise your potential to create business.

Proof is in the Pudding

If you’re struggling to manage positive and consistent engagement with all your clients, definitely consider automation to take you to the next level. These are no longer systems exclusive to big business strategy, it’s perforated the SME landscape and is quickly taking over. For example, our partner automation software Infusionsoft, is geared specifically towards small enterprises.

Jump on an automated CRM process and don’t get left behind. Manage your customers, drive more revenue and cut your marketing costs with automated marketing.

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