Introducing Jannis: Green T’s Newest Recruit!

Hi Everyone, today we want to introduce to you… Myself! I’m Jannis, a fresh graduate new hire of Green T Digital. I’m here to help you refresh your digital presence and am aiming to become a digital marketing superstar.

Passionate about travels, I grew up in Italy, even though my name is Greek. The reason is easy: my mother is Italian and my father Greek. I usually describe myself as international thanks to my origins. Even though if I’m quite young, I’ve already spent one and a half years in the UK and almost a year in Dublin.

My Background

Passionate about marketing I knew this would have been my path from high school. One of my main studies was economics and I still remember how impressed I was when introduced to marketing. I found that English is probably the first skill you need to have to work in marketing. As a result, I took a gap year before University and spent it in Philadelphia and London, improving my English. After one year I continued my studies in International Economics and Marketing at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Here is where I decided to follow the digital path rather than the traditional one.

Concluded my Bachelor Degree with a 2.1, I spent one year in Bristol. Here, I attended a course of English and worked as a bartender in one of the most well known buildings in the city: the Tobacco Factory.

When I was deciding the next step to take in my career, I came across one article explaining how Dublin was becoming a digital hub in Europe. Described as the European Silicon Valley, this is why I moved here. I started a master’s degree in digital marketing at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.  As one leading business schools in Ireland, it was ranked 29th in the Financial Time’s leading business schools list of 2016 in Europe.

During my master’s studies, thanks to a project that I’ve done for one of my modules, I met Kevin who collaborated with me to finalise the project. Once, I terminated my studies I contacted him to see if they were looking to hire someone in his agency. Thankfully, we managed to collaborate and this is how I landed my first digital marketing job.

What’s Next?

Working with him will allow me to develop my skills further and learn from one of the experts in the industry. So, I’m here to help you refresh your digital presence and become one of the next digital marketing superstars!


Feel free to email me for any queries or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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