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Apple have done it again. At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), CEO Tim Cook had the crowd salivating. Their iOS 11 is to be released later this year, and many of the features discussed are fantastic. Arguably a little late when compared to some competitors pioneering these areas, we’re excited none the less.

We do love android technology too. However, there is a undeniable hype around when Apple finally get the job done. Could this be the catalyst to tech fans returning to the once again, innovative iPhone?

Frustration rose with the slow progression many saw over recent years. The predicted release of a new phone later in 2017, along with this software might just be the remedy to returning to the top of smartphone markets.

We’ve broken down some of the most anticipated improvements. Some are just matching or catching up with competitors. The others, are pushing boundaries only like Apple know how to. Regardless – sleek design, creative utility and intelligent layout coarse through the foundations of this update.

iOS 11 Features We Can’t Wait For

Apple Pay

Similar ideas have been around smartphone technology for years. But if this new feature proves to work as explained, Apple pay will be one of the handiest treats from iOS 11.

Functioning through iMessenger, Apple users will be able to transfer funds to one another, quickly and easily. Without relying on third party apps, we love the simplicity of this tool.  Imagine splitting a bill via text. Sounds like a great idea to us!

Now there is the unfortunate necessity of requiring both participants to be iPhone users. But the more avenues and platforms that reduce our need to carry around cash the better. If you have any friends who’re partial to jumping ship before their round, this might work well for you.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

What’s great about this addition is, it could literally save lives. As we use our phones for so many different things now, there’s a propensity to always have it in our hands. However, the dangers of distracted driving not only raise a personal risk, but endanger those around us.

As reported by HuffPost,  this feature will detect when the user is driving automatically. At this point, live notifications will be disabled for what might cause distraction. Replies to inform contacts of your travel will also ensure you’re not ignoring anyone important, should they let you know it’s urgent.

Functions including maps features  and other apps will still work. If not driving there’s also no issue in using the phone normally. Whereas many automatic features can cause hassle or frustration, this really doesn’t have any downside.

Texting while driving is an ever-growing problem and is a definite factor to increasing road fatalities. If we can reduce these risks by any means, we’re obliged to use them. For this reason, we’re really excited to see this iOS 11 rolled out.

The New Siri Can Translate

Online translation tools have been known to be ever so-slightly inconsistent in the past. But when Apple arrive late the game on something, it’s usually because they’ve taken their time to do it right.

This is our hopes with the new Siri.  Reported to be smarter than ever before, a translation tool is being wildly looked forward to. The Verge announced that this feature will include the ability to adapt English words and phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Alternatives are already in place to this, but the fact that it’s now integrated into iPhone software makes it easier than ever. Demoed during the WWDC keynote, we’re glad to see Siri gain some new tricks.

Improved Control

TechRadar focused on more of the technical functionality of the new software. They first admired a proposed revamp of the control centre.

All now on one page, users can swipe up and gain immediate access to system controls, app shortcuts and music. One of the nicest aspects of an iPhone, is the accessibility to full control of the phone – and this just further improves it.

Nobody wants to search through settings to dim a screen or turn on Bluetooth. Although maybe not the most exciting development, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Plans to integrate the lock screen to notification centre will also improve overall functionality. Users can make sure they won’t miss anything important with the improved layout.

It’s nice to see that iOS 11 is working to perfect the utility of the phone overall – not just add cool features.

Camera Modes Increased

Without having to buy a new phone, the new software will also reduce your need to carry a DSLR around with you. Again reported by TechRadar, we should soon see iPhone camera functionality increase without hardware upgrades.

Taking on Instagram’s “Boomerang”, features named Loop and Bounce will  offer new ways to have fun with your phone. This will also be accompanied by a range of new filters and storage options.

Reducing the level of memory your files will take up, we might not even have to splash out on as high-spec phones as we previously have. Smaller file sizes, with cloud options abundant – the smaller storage options might become logistically viable.

Are You Convinced?

What do you think of these new features? Are you a current or formal Apple user who might be tempted by these improvements? Personally, I could definitely see myself upgrading as soon as possible. We even only touched on a few basic improvements. The new augmented reality capabilities and other advances are really shaping up to bring Apple back to the pinnacle of smartphone technology.

You can currently  upgrade today by paying $99, but it’s probably wise to wait until the general release this autumn. If you’re looking to get a new phone in the next 6 months, Apple generally release their new products around the same time of year. Be patient and by the sounds of it, you’ll be getting some pretty nice equipment.

Let us know what you think and check out some of our other blogs to stay informed. Again, no big lesson to take away this week. We just want to keep you informed!

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