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This week in Digital Quick Tips we want to discuss the insider hacks to maximise conversion with automation. Automated marketing campaigns are at the forefront in relationship building and and direct outreach for potential leads.

Are you struggling to get the most from your automated campaigns? Do you want to increase your bottom line and get more from cold leads? Employ these tricks into your automation efforts and see conversion jump quickly and cheaply! Automation has tonnes of benefits – but today we’re just going to focus on how it can help your conversion!

Digital Quick Tip #1: Use Content Upgrades

One of the biggest challenges to building your contact base for functional automated campaigns is obtaining that elusive email address. Potential leads don’t like giving out their information unless it immediately benefits them.

Develop a strategy that sparks an initial interest, but more importantly captivates for further exploration. Make them convince themselves they need to read on. Once you do this properly, you eradicate any reluctance to offer personal info.

One of the handiest tricks in accomplishing this is by incentivising their initial research. Content upgrades are a great way to encourage further interaction that will organically persuade and convert a lead.

Offer an instructional video or PDF version of your blog in exchange of an email address. Convince them that you’re content is relevant and of interest to them, and your campaigns will be full of juicy leads.

You can buy lists of contacts if you want, but real conversion increases come from contacts who willingly enter into your campaigns.

Content upgrades acknowledge your appreciation of their interest, whilst also providing a reason for them to supply their information. If they accept your offer, one can assume that they find value in your brand. Engage from this point implicitly at first and your conversion should significantly increase.

Digital Quick Tip #2: Repost Old Articles as Newsletters

In a recent blog, we discussed the lifespan of different content types online. Although content relevancy is fleeting, there’s definitely tricks to extend it. One of the easiest ways to elongate this is simple – repost! As long as the content isn’t out of date – if it captivates readers, there’s no reason it should only be used once.

Create a newsletter or a reposting schedule. You don’t want to be caught out recycling too quickly, but if you’re stuck for a new idea, a throwback can work just as well. Do make sure though, that the content is relevant to new audiences. Don’t keep hitting the same contacts with it and you should increase your content value.

Schedule across various platforms over different times and you’ll increase your outreach, without having to purchase or write new posts every week.

This is particularly useful within automation campaigns. Nurturing and relationship building requires a strong base of content to continuously offer valuable material and ignite discussion.

Stagger the distribution of content over days/weeks/months to build familiarity with your brand. When a lead needs to purchase, you’ll be fresh in their mind and conversion will increase by itself.

Digital Quick Tip #3: Send an “oops! forgot the link” Email

This is a cheeky one but I personally like it. Automation is fantastic, but you have to be careful with it. It’s not about pretending that each interaction isn’t absolutely personal, but generically written emails kill conversion. If a customer realises that they’re corresponding with a computer, they may lose interest.

Offer a video or blog that may interest a lead as an attachment. However, within the sequence of engagement send a delayed second message with the discussed content. It nicely creates a sense of human error within an otherwise automated communication.

The more a lead thinks they’re interacting with specific people increases familiarity. It’s more engaging and better for building strong relationships. A customer is far more likely to purchase off a “person” than a computer that responds exactly 10 minutes after every single email sent.

The most effective automated campaigns are those in which the contact doesn’t realise they’re within it. Make it natural and personal to maximise conversion.

Digital Quick Tip #4: Send Emails From a Real Person

This is directly linked to the last tip, but it’s so fundamentally important to conversion by automation. It’s so frustrating to see a good campaign ruined by an email address like “noreply” or “info”. Automation is an amazing tool to reduce the time required for marketing and CRM, but it shouldn’t completely manage it.

Unless engagement efforts have a specific person as a point of reference, an automated campaign just won’t work properly. It’s all about relationship building, and a brand name alone can only take you so far.

Contacts like to know who exactly they’re dealing with and build familiarity with them. It’s a means by which we can strengthen relationships and establish empathy or common ground. Send all your interactions from specific people and you can facilitate this development.

Just don’t make up a person unless you’re using a mascot. If a contact calls into your offices they should be able to meet the person who’s been pestering them! Either assign each lead to owners as they enter campaigns or allow employees to oversee different nurturing efforts.

Conversion is maximised when a leads builds a relationship with a person – not a computer.

Digital Quick Tip #5: Clean Up Your Email List

An list for automated campaigns with thousands and thousands of contacts can be impressive – but is it useful? Not necessarily!

The true power within a campaign is the level of engagement with each interaction. Conversion very rarely comes from a lead who’s been cycled through nurturing for years without a single email opened. It can increase costs and generally hamper the rest of your marketing efforts.

If you desire, hold onto all the leads you gain – but don’t keep them all trapped in campaigns for the sake of it. Once they’ve completed a long term nurture, consider giving them a break and focus on converting engaged leads.

Juggling a large number of contacts can look great to directors, but it can often distract us from willing buyers. Not every email grab is going to be a sale, so don’t take it personally if they never open an email from you.

Routinely clean and occasionally purge all of your lists. Leave space for those who actually want to engage with you and don’t waste your time nurturing a contact that’s just gone.

There is a balance to be made between relationship building and direct selling, but the sales that come from long term nurturing can come with even light engagement. A monthly newsletter will often suffice.

A smaller list will allow you to focus on those who’re actually more likely to purchase and so, conversion should move in the direction that you want!

Does Automation Help Your Conversion?

What little tricks do you use to maximise conversion? We’d love to hear your stories so we can pass them on. If you’d like to find out how you can develop your digital strategy – make sure to get in touch now!

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