How To Increase Your Conversion Rate While You Sleep

Happy with your lead generation processes but frustrated with your conversion rates? It’s a common challenge small businesses face every day. Turning an informal conversation into a paying client can be a difficult thing to do but with a simple strategy, small businesses can make it much easier on themselves.

We understand that you want fast conversion with immediate results, so do we! The reality is though as customers continually become more informed, their buying habits and behaviour have generally slowed. We all like to shop around and see what’s available. Just because we’ve hooked a lead by no means a sale is guaranteed, it’s how we engage with them that will clinch that conversion.

One of the most recurrent mistakes small businesses continually make is looking to close the sale too quickly or going about it incorrectly. People might be just browsing and not ready or in a hurry to buy immediately. There is often misunderstanding that these leads aren’t as valuable as definite customers – this is absolutely wrong in our opinion.

If we have a framework in place to maximise lead conversion, through a dynamic nurturing processes, we totally change how we interact with our customers. There is nothing more annoying and distrusting than periodic/generic email blasts once you look at a website or service, so why would you do that to your potential client? Simply flooding them with content they might not want does little to convert leads, and in fact, can be rather annoying. We instead have to take a more personable and soft approach to build a sustainable relationship.

The more expensive and/or complicated the product, the more time people need before they’re ready to commit, so we need to respect that and acknowledge it in our nurturing. Rather than spamming and berating, instead focus on personal correspondence that will only be offered when a lead expresses interest themselves. This creates trust and appreciation for your brand.

When we facilitate learning with our leads, rather than bombarding them, we see much higher levels of pro-active interaction with our business. This maximises the potential to conduct business with new customers and build the best relationships.

And this isn’t exclusively applicable to new contacts – current customers work on the exact same principles. When we manage all of our relationships and stay involved with on-going/past clientele, our ability to upsell and resell rises enormously. A monthly or weekly email blast is often ignored, but a personal check in to see how their current product is working for them tells a customer that you care.

Now we admit that this sounds like a lot of work and quite complicated. What’s funny is, it’s one the simplest things we do in our working week. If we were to manage the relationships how we do through labour intensive strategies, we’d never leave the office!

Instead we focus our marketing strategy on automation software. By building structures that manage CRM and nurturing, we have dynamic campaigns constantly working to maximise leads and maintain working relationships.

We use Infusionsoft, and it’s become an invaluable tool in our operations. Where we used to break our necks juggling all our marketing and CRM efforts (and usually falling short), now we have tailor made frameworks and strategy in place to nurture our leads and increase conversion. Our numbers are up, but we also have more time to focus our attention elsewhere.

Through this structure, we have also built a pipeline, that aligns our sales and marketing objectives to ensure everything that we do works symbiotically. When a lead is generated, based on how they engage with us, they enter a set of processes. Depending on how they choose to respond and interact with our engagement, they’ll either move through our pipeline to become an active lead – or further nurtured.

Every single contact is managed on an individual and personal basis – relative to their specific needs. We maximise their potential as a lead by identifying exactly what they want, engaging regularly with relevant content, and by doing so, integrate them into our brand.

If you struggle with these challenges or want to maximise conversion, automation can work for you. Take a look at our free eBook that can give you a better idea of how automation works for small business.

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” – Jeremy Smith

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