What is a Marketing Automation Drip Campaign?

When it comes to setting up campaigns, automation is usually the winner because it allows you to continuously promote your services and products while being able to use your time on other ventures or parts of your business. A good example of this is the famous drip campaign, an idea that fully utilizes automation at its best. But what exactly is a drip campaign and how can it be used in your business? Let’s find out.


Drip Campaigns Help You Acquire Customers


The purpose of a drip campaign is to effectively gain leads in your industry. It involves sending different types of marketing information to potential leads and nurturing relationships with new clients and businesses. It’s not quite the same as cold-calling because you typically generate these leads through data that your company has already collected, meaning that there’s general relevancy.


Setting up a drip campaign can seem like a tall order, but it’s actually not as complicated as it seems and there are simple ways to automate everything. For instance, drip campaigns aren’t actually limited to email and they can also apply to mail and phone-based marketing too. They’re also very cost-effective and you’ll likely see a surge in profits thanks to automated marketing.


When to Use Drip Marketing


Drip marketing is best used when the goal is to keep users engaged with your products. It keeps your products, services and brand in the minds of consumers and it targets a variety of different people and audiences. In most cases, drip marketing can be used to generate leads, but it can also be used to nurture feedback from customers and also receive suggestions.


There are many ways to use drip marketing, but the goal is ultimately to improve interactions with your clients and customers in the format that best appeals to them.


Why Drip Marketing Works


Drip marketing is essentially just a sophisticated way to communicate with your audience. It allows you to both generate leads and also stay in touch with the audience that you currently have. This is done by communicating with your leads based on what they’re doing, how they interact with your content, and what actions they take related to your business.


If your software detects that your customers have signed up for a free trial or they abandoned their shopping cart, then you can interact with those customers based on those actions they’ve taken and connect with them at just the right time to facilitate their shopping decision. For instance, you could do this by offering coupons for the items they wanted to purchase, or emailing them in the future regarding an offer for a product they added to their cart but ultimately never bought.


Drip marketing is an important method of marketing automation and it’s crucial for a forward-thinking marketer to include it into their next business plan. It helps generate leads, raise awareness and ultimately grow your company.

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