10 Game Changing Domain Name Tips

We recently discussed common mistakes developers make building websites. Choosing the right domain name was one we wished we’d included. Check out these domain name tips to make sure you’re not making this all too common mistake!

Building your own website is a really rewarding process that you’ll look back upon with pride. Nobody understands your business better than you. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have a central role in the creative decision making. Once you build something that works, looks well and is easy to find, you’ve gained access to connect with customers in a completely new and unparalleled way.

There are a series of steps during this journey however that may seem insignificant at first in the greater scheme of things. Ultimately though, they can often actually decide whether your online efforts are a success or not. One of these biggest steps, is securing the best domain name possible.

This is a really big and important decision – not one you should make without consideration. Your domain is how potential customers find you organically, it’s what you’re identified by and will be an integral part of your promotion. GoDaddy lays out 10 domain name tips for the best selection that we want to discuss. These include:

10 Domain Name Tips

Make it easy to type

You need to be easy to find and access. This is impossible if contacts can’t spell your web address. Simplicity is king here.

Keep it short

The longer the domain, the less effort to venture to a site. Don’t give customers a reason not to bother looking for you

Use Keywords

Use language that makes your business identifiable. This will help your ranking in search engines and inform customers what you do.

Target Your Area

If your business is locally focused, consider integrating that into your name. Make sure not to isolate potential customers just outside your catchment though!

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

This goes back to simplicity. Anything outside the 26 letters of an alphabet generally just cause confusion. Register multiple domains if you need to as a precaution.

Be Memorable

Bit of an obvious one we know, but the most successful websites are those with a catchy domain name. Don’t get lost within the millions of websites that people forget.

Research It

Use something original that won’t get you in trouble with competitors or copyright claims. That’ll only cause unnecessary hassle.

Use an Appropriate Name Extension

Your website will attract different traffic whether it ends in .com, .org, .ie et cetera. Analyse your ideal market and find whatever fits your model best. Consider purchasing domains with different extensions should you decide to change/expand your desired audience.

Protect and Build Your Brand

Reiterating the last point, it’s always wise to protect variations of your web address. Different extensions, misspelled domains and social media accounts that relate to your business ensure nobody else can muscle in on your online presence and affect your traffic. Be proactive in this regard!

Act Fast

We do want you to consider carefully what address you want, but don’t be lax either. At any point, unless you secure your domain quickly, anybody can snatch it up. Figure out what suits you best, and work you get it before anybody else.


Selecting the perfect domain can genuinely either make or break your digital success. Something that encapsulates what you do, is memorable and has the right reach can offer unparalleled trajectory to a popular website.

Real World Proof

As found by Forbes, this was proven by Toy’s ’R’ Us who secured “toys.com” in 2009. Yes they paid over $5 million for it, but they instantly gained unequivocal reach and totally changed how they advertise online and manage SEO. For a company of that magnitude, an initial big investment was totally worth it.

Now not for a second would we expect a small business to shell out anything close to that for a domain of course, but the point stands. Relative to your business size and model, if you can secure the best web address to fit you, the potential to maximise traffic and reach is achieved.

Get the right domain and you’re onto a winner from the outset!

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