Digital Marketing For Small Business: 5 Tips

Digital is progressively taking over in how we market our services. Business owners today have greater access to new and existing customers online than ever before. You might still exchange business cards and network traditionally. But today, most research and decision making is done so by smartphone or at the desk. This is why you need to learn about digital marketing for small businesses.

Without an online presence, you simply don’t have a horse in the race when a potential customer searches online. Your competitors each day are literally taking business away from you without a digital marketing strategy in place.

So how do you get started? A website is obviously a good start. Think of that as a storefront for any customer who Googles you. You need to wow and captivate these leads, so a one page description of what you offer isn’t enough. Invest in a modern and functional setup from the start and you won’t give customers a reason to look elsewhere.

A social media presence is next. You can build authority by engaging with industry members and clients across multiple platforms. With public interaction, you’ll increase your contact base astronomically.

And in simple terms, it really is that simple. Obviously the capabilities of digital marketing extend far beyond these two steps. But for small businesses with a limited budget, it’s a start. Without consciously trying to be active online, you’re playing catch up.

To further help you get started, check out some of these tricks offered by Forbes. These tips will improve your marketing efforts and help you succeed online – without a massive budget.

Digital Marketing for Small Business: 5 Tips

Blog With Expertise

Blogging is one of the best ways to build content on your site. Enabling you to show off your expertise, use this medium to inform and impress potential clients. Gain authority by having a voice on industry-related issues. Don’t just give updates on what you’re up to, offer informative and interesting analysis.

It is imperative that you blog with a focus on your expertise in a particular field. Give readers a reason to return and look forward to your material. It can be formal or informal, just have an underlying message that strengthens your brand.

Implementing recurring keywords and phrases will strengthen your SEO. Higher search engine rankings generate the most traffic.

Mobile Takeover

Nothing proves how quickly tech moves than the increased mobile use of internet. Content is consumed through mobile devices more than ever. Being active on all platforms is how digital marketing for small business succeeds. Therefore you need to make sure your website is responsive to all devices.

Furthermore, mobile opens up new opportunities to engage with customers. SMS campaigns are incredibly effective and personal. You can use automation for direct and personal interaction with all forms of contacts to manage active relationships.

Develop even a basic mobile campaign in your digital marketing efforts and your returns will be fantastic.

Personalised Social media Marketing

In social media, small businesses actually have a slight advantage over big corporations. Because your client base is smaller than a large multinational, you can realistically maintain on-going contact with stakeholders on social platforms.

Big companies get bombarded with contact through multiple mediums. Messages consequently can fall through the cracks, unless there’s a constant and careful management of all accounts. Social activity for small business is far easier. Manage your personal relationships and facilitate networking opportunities, and you’re laughing.

If time is of the essence, automation can go to help you al long way in these efforts. However just being a familiar face in your industry on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is enough to open up new avenues for converting leads.

Be personal, friendly and generally informal. Social media isn’t about looking for the immediate sale, but instead friendly interaction. The personal relationship is then built organically, when the time comes for a contact to require your services.

Visual Strategies

Written content is informative, but the right imagery captivates interest initially. Nothing will market your brand better than good visuals. The pictures on your website, the colours and layout all play  massive roles in keeping leads on the home page to read on.

Not only that, but video is now relatively cheap to produce and is incredibly engaging. Grab attention infinitely with video replies to contact queries, tutorials and demonstrations. A mixture of video and written content appeals to a huge audience and gives a nice break to reading for hours.

Particularly if competitors have failed to be visually stunning, such a strategy could easily traject you right to that number 1 ranking on Google.

Email Marketing

There’s a considerable difference between spam and email marketing. Following up with a customer or potential lead by email after they offer their info is perfectly reasonable – and effective! Offer helpful content (your blogs, news, guides) that empowers your contact to strengthen your relationship.

This can open up opportunities to re-sell and up-sell, as well as nurture indecisive clientele. It doesn’t have to be pushy or intrusive, just mutually beneficial to both you and stakeholders. Automation is particularly helpful in this effort, which you can find out about in another blog.

Incorporate targeted email into your marketing and both conversion and outreach will improve significantly.

What Works For You?

Digital marketing for small business opens fantastic opportunities for growth. We love to hear about the success of business owners online so let us know what your experience has been to date.

If you require a helping hand in your digital efforts, check out our services and get in touch. We want to see you win online.



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