Improving Your Content Strategy – Delivering Your Message

With a solid structure of pages and posts, you’ve built the frameworks to a winning website. Good job! But what now will hook your audience and convert leads? Proving your authority and value in the information you deliver is the next step. Our success to date in this area has be consequential of a dynamic and holistic approach, incorporating different forms of content. It’s all about implementing the right content strategy.

Think about how you consume online content yourself. You might read the occasional article, but video is increasing its presence on websites and social media every single day. It’s more engaging, memorable and is powerful in delivering clear messages.

This is particularly true for younger generations. We might reminisce about the days of dial-up where text and the odd image was king, but those memories only exist with digital pioneers now. Many online users today have never known an internet without YouTube, podcasting and the likes.

If this is the case for your audience, what’s the point in doing loads of writing? That’s a lot of effort and good work in vain. With good copy you might deliver great messages, but it’s just as important to consider how you reach to customers.

Managing your content strategy

Step one is still focusing on knowing your brand and delivering a strong message. Marketing should be consistent in what we say to customers so you need to put effort into your copy, regardless of the platform it’s put out on. If you need any help on this stage of your efforts, check out our tips for great copywrite.

Now you just have to identify the best way by which you can captivate your audience. The Guardian found some interesting results from research on media consumption and social media. They found that by 2017, 69% of all online media consumption will be done so through video alone. Articles and blog posts are great in the appropriate context. They’re relatively cheap and can be created quickly. However,  video is taking over so you need to incorporate it to some degree.

Not only that, but Forbes found that adults are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%) and ‘like’ (56%) online video over a basic text blog.

Brands are even willing to pay up to $1 million for a 15 second sponsored SnapChat. If you identify what medium engages your audience most efficiently and exploit, you guarantee the most valuable results from your content creation and delivery.

Without a mix of video and text, you’re literally throwing away customers. It’s by far the best way to lure attention with a quick, snappy engagement. If they’re interested, you can wow them as they gain an interest and read on to learn more.

Get started now

It’s ironic that we’re advising you to use video for your content – in a blog post. But there is method to our madness! Text is generally more informative and can be used to extend beyond what a video offers.

We implore you to use this dynamic approach. You can’t gain real success without being active on all platforms. For example, this post itself compliments and works in conjunction with many of our videos that go live each week.

Whereas a contact might stumble upon one of our related Digital Hack Thursday videos, a written post like this will offer further value once their interest is sparked. Use the most engaging material for outreach and on social media, but supplement it with more informative content once the hook is placed.

So don’t just settle for occasional written blog posts. Test different platforms out, develop a social media strategy that complements your website and boost original content. This is what will really ignite interest and engagement with your brand online.

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